Mobile Stand

Product Overview

Where the Hyfrecator is not already in each treatment room, the telescoping Hyfrecator mobile stand allows the flexibility and ease of moving the Hyfrecator from room to room. Just mount and go.

Telescoping Mobile Hyfrecator® Stand
Dispersive 3.50 X 6.00in Patient Plate
Dispersive Plate 3.50 X 6.00in ( 8.90 X 15.20cm)
Cable Length 8.00ft (2.40m)
Electrosurgical Tip Cleaner, Single-Use
Units Per Package Qty 6
Units Per Case Qty 40
Hyfrecator Units & Accessories
Telescoping Mobile Hyfrecator® Stand 7-900-1
Dispersive 3.50 X 6.00in Patient Plate 7-900-7
Hyfrecator Disposables
Electrosurgical Tip Cleaner, Single-Use 138029