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From the 1988 introduction of Argon and through a history of established and trusted brands CONMED has been known for innovation – a trend that continues today with the Beamer® CE600 System.

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Beamer – Intelligent, Innovative, and Intuitive

The Beamer CE200 was specifically designed for endoscopic use and offers multiple therapies from a single platform. Combining sophisticated technology with unrivalled ease of use, the Beamer CE200 assists in the delivery of outstanding clinical results whatever your level of expertise in electrosurgery. Integrating built in intelligence, innovation and an intuitive user interface, Beamer CE200 allows the quick selection of desired clinical effect, and delivers consistent repeatable clinical results.


Resect It
Beam It
Innovation in the GI Suite
Beamer Plus Accessories

Beamer Argon Snare Probes Two Functions,
One Product–Efficiency in procedure

Beamer Snare probes are dual mode combination probes allowing you to remove polyps and other abnormal tissue with subsequent argon coagulation of the site. This advantage eliminates the need to exchange instruments for performing the coagulation in a second step.

When it comes to challenging lesions, the powerful Beamer Argon Snare Probe allows you to do en bloc or piecemeal EMR followed by full argon ablation of the residual tissue to decrease the chance of polyp recurrence.

CONMED's proprietary spiral and stiff monofilament loops are designed for grabbing flat lesions. The Beamer Argon Snare program on the Beamer System CE600 allows easy toggling between resection and ablation therapies, making for a more efficient procedure, reducing the need to exchange devices and programs on the generator. n Snare and resect n Ablate suspicious areas


Controls At Your Fingertips Intuitive Design, with Quick Step Control

Control at your fingertip
The rotary control allows you to operate the system quickly, single-handedly and with complete comfort. All menu settings and machine parameters can be set and changed rapidly with a quick turn of the controller. The current operating state is immediately recognizable by the backlight, a status-indicating system specially developed on the Beamer System.

Customize your programs
The system memory offers 99 storage positions for user-defined programs in addition to the preset standard program. These settings can be stored under specific indications, locations or your name – the choice is yours. The Last Used Programs can be instantly accessed from the system's quick pick list.

Choose your setting
Automatic Mode Pictograms permit users to rapidly select outputs by the desired clinical application or effect. Beamer offers 5 preset automatic pictograms, each program designed to deliver optimal clinical results. All modes can be customized to meet the needs of the expert user as required.

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