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Download DuraClip Repositionable Hemostasis Clip Product Brochure

DuraClip Repositionable Hemostasis Clip

The Next Generation for GI Hemostasis

Improved Visualization
The unique, small 10mm remaining clip component takes up less space in the field of view and allows Gastroenterologists to see tissue defects more easily for improved visualization.

Unlimited Opening and Closing
Unlike other HemoClips that can only be opened and closed up to 5 times, DuraClip can be opened and closed an unlimited amount of times prior to deployment to ensure you gain precise clip positioning.

The shorter clip design allows Gastroenterologists to place more clips in closer proximity to the mucosal defect and to one another, which may help improve hemostasis.

Rotating and Positioning Features for More Accurate Clip Placement
The unique design of DuraClip helps provide better access to tissue for ideal clip placement. DuraClip Repositionable Hemostasis Clip offers true 1:1 rotation.


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DuraClip Repositionable Hemostasis Clip Product Overview

Ordering Information

Description Sheath Length Min. Channel Diameter Jaw Opening Qty/Case Catalog #
DuraClipc for Gastroscope 165cm 2.8mm 11mm 10 per box DC0165
DuraClip DC0235 for Colonoscope 235cm 2.8mm 11mm 10 per box DC0235

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