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With Exclusive Pull-Line Deployment

Crafted of proprietary design and material, the GORE VIABIL® Biliary Endoprosthesis has revolutionized the palliation of symptoms caused by malignant biliary obstruction by presenting advancements in patency rates, demonstrated minimal migration and unparalleled conformability in tortuous anatomies.

Now, with the recent introduction of Pull-Line Deployment technology, this groundbreaking delivery system presents ease of use and enhances the physician’s control and accuracy in biliary stent placement. A pull of the deployment knob unknots the double-layered PTFE braid that attaches the stent to the delivery catheter and delivers the stent precisely where positioned.

The GORE VIABIL® Biliary Endoprosthesis is a flexible fully covered, self expanding metal stent constructed from nitinol and an integrated ultra-thin, non-porous ePTFE/FEP inner lining. The stated stent length on the catheter equals the measurement of the delivered stent. There is no foreshortening.

The GORE VIABIL® Biliary Endoprosthesis is available in a full range of lengths and diameters with both drainage side holes and a no-holes configuration.

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GORE VIABIL® Biliary Endoprosthesis

  • Unique non-porous ePTFE*/FEP** liner

    Resists bacterial colonization and bile occlusion
    Prevents tissue attachment or tumor ingrowth
    Facilitates longer and higher patency rates***

  • Completely lined, end-to-end

    Minimal metal interaction with bile duct or gastric juices
    Minimal potential for tumor ingrowth or epithelialization at the ends

  • Soft terminated wire ends

    No mid-mucosal penetration of wires

  • Flexible, covered anchoring fins

    Minimal stent migration***
    Prevents tissue encapsulation

  • Branch drainage side wall holes and no-holes configurations

    Allows 2 cm of device placement over side branch

  • Geometric Nitinol construction

    Flexible and conformable
    Provides high radial strength
    No fore-shortening

* Expanded polyetraflourethylene
** Flourinated ethylene propylene
*** Data on file

Pull-Line Deployment

  • Ultra-thin, tubular filament pull-line

    Unfurls the stent as the interlocking braid is pulled

  • Proprietary, curved tip

    Navigates challenging biliary anatomy and transitions for smoother catheter advancement and placement

  • Ergonomic hub

    Simple twist to unlock and deploy

  • Accurate positioning

    Promotes a seamless, coordinated deployment process between physician and assistent

  • Gradual, controlled deployment

    Intentional, incremental release of the biliary endoprosthesis
    Offers an easy to use alternative to traditional push/pull deployment systems

Turn the hub to unlock
the deployment system
Pull steadily to deploy the endoprosthesis

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