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The meniscus plays a key role in knee function. When the meniscus is absent, degenerative changes occur with the articular cartilage. The goal is to restore normal knee anatomy and biomechanics in selected symptomatic patients. Meniscal allografts are the treatment of choice for patients with a subtotal or total meniscectomy. They help stabilize the joint, maintain space, increase condylar contact area, and absorb shock. Meniscal allografts have also been used for glenoid resurfacing with shoulder hemiarthroplasty.

HTO Wedge
The opening-wedge High Tibial Osteotomy is commonly used to relieve symptomatic medial knee compartment pain in the younger patient with a varus deformity. The opening wedge osteotomy avoids the issues associated with a closing wedge osteotomy but presents the challenge of filling the correction site with a suitable material. Allograft is now routinely used to fill the space created from correcting the mechanical axis.

Osteochondral Grafts
CONMED Sports Tissue and Biologics provides refrigerated osteochondral allografts for focal or diffuse articular cartilage damage. A proprietary storage media maintains cell viability allowing introduction of living chondrocytes to the implant site.¹ Osteochondral allografts eliminate the pain and morbidity associated with autogenous grafting.

The ACT™ instruments from CONMED Sports Tissue and Biologics bring a high level of precision and ease to the transplantation of allograft cartilage. The ACT instruments cover lesion diameters of fifteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-five, thirty, and thirty-five millimeters. Size-specific instruments are grouped together in individual, small containers and are color coded for easy identification. Cutting instruments quickly and easily prepare the implant site as well as the graft used for implantation. The ACT GraftStation™ secures the allograft for preparation while providing excellent visualization. All positioning instruments are designed to help achieve perpendicularity, giving your surgeries a higher degree of accuracy.

¹ Data on file at MTF.

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