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CONMED makes it easier than ever for you to acquire the latest in OR technology. Through flexible and creative financing programs designed to help you with new equipment acquisitions, your hospital or surgery center can be up and running with little or no upfront capital expenditure. Our programs provide solutions to your equipment needs and fulfill your financial objectives.

We understand that huge capital expenditures are now as obsolete as yesterday's OR technology. The power of financing allows you to utilize your funds more efficiently and ensures that your investment will remain current and productive.

Want to capitate your equipment operating expenses during the term of your agreement? CONMED can do that. All of our capital products are covered by an original warranty, so your investment is protected for a specific amount of time. With any of our financial programs, you may continue that protection through an extended warranty option. Additionally, agreements can be structured so they protect you against technology obsolescence. You won't be left behind using old equipment when everyone else has moved on.

CONMED is the ultimate sole-source supplier for technologically advanced products and flexible financing options. Here are a few more details you will want to know.

Fee-Per-Disposable Program Fee-Per-Use Program Lease Programs Rental Programs
CONMED offers an excellent program for customers who use a wide variety of disposable products. Our equipment is shipped to your OR now and paid for over a defined period of time. The amount of capital that can be acquired is dependent upon the volume and pricing of the disposable purchase commitment. This option allows you to pay for your capital equipment as you use it, on a per-procedure basis. This program is designed to cover a specific term and is reconciled periodically to allow for seasonal procedural variations. Additionally, you may select a deferred payment option that allows a period of time for your facility to become operational and for insurance reimbursements to be generated. CONMED lease programs establish a fixed periodic payment for the term of the agreement. As with any of our financing programs, the end of term purchase option can be structured such that the lease can qualify as either a capital or operating accounting expense. Some customers require equipment for short or extended periods of time. CONMED offers a rental program for most of our capital products that can be ultimately converted to a purchase, lease or one of our other financial options.
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