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A global market share leader in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Powered Instruments, over the years CONMED has expanded its product lines to include ENT and Neuro Powered Instruments as well as Multi-Specialty Endoscopy Systems. Originally known as Concept, Inc., and incorporated in 1963 by Dr. Terry F. Tanner, CONMED’s Orthopaedic history is rooted in its commitment to the research and development of innovative technology.

  • During the early 1980s, Concept began to focus on the orthopaedic and microsurgery markets. In 1983, a new product line - Electrosurgical Arthroscopy - was introduced for the examination and repair of joint structures.

  • Shutt Medical Technologies, originally located in San Dimas, California, was acquired by Concept in 1983. In July 1998, the Shutt facility was closed in California and transferred to Largo, Florida. Shutt® hand-held surgical instruments are known throughout the medical industry as being top-of-the-line.

  • In 1988 Concept moved to its present 200,000-square-foot site in Largo at the corner of Starkey and Bryan Dairy Roads.
  • New York-based Bristol-Myers Squibb Company bought Concept in 1990, and the Company name was changed to Linvatec Corporation in 1991. Linvatec, an acronym for Least Invasive Technologies, was chosen because it more accurately portrayed the broad range of least-invasive surgical products and services offered.

  • In late 1994, Bristol-Myers Squibb began the relocation of its Hall® Surgical division from Carpinteria, California, to Largo. Hall was begun in 1959 by Pittsburgh oral surgeon Dr. Robert Hall. Dr. Hall adopted air-powered tools for oral surgery and his first product, the Surgairtome® Powered Instrument, was introduced to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 1963. Today, CONMED's Hall Surgical product lines include battery, pneumatic and electric-powered surgical instruments which are used in open orthopaedic surgery and other surgical applications such as oral/maxillofacial, ENT podiatry, cardiology and neurosurgery.

  • In August 1996, Bristol-Myers Squibb acquired Envision Medical Corporation in Santa Barbara, California, to help complete Linvatec's broad line of arthroscopic and orthopaedic products. Envision, founded in 1991, was a leading developer of specialized surgical imaging technology.

  • On December 31, 1997, CONMED Corporation, completed the acquisition of Linvatec from Bristol-Myers Squibb marrying its orthopaedic  products with CONMED’s general surgery medical devices.   

  • In March 2003, CONMED purchased Bionix Implants, Inc. and incorporated its Self-Reinforced, resorbable polymer implants including screws, pins and meniscal implants for use in a variety of orthopaedic procedures into our orthopaedic line.

  • As an outgrowth of our partnership with the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation™ established in January, 2012, CONMED now offers allografts, biologic solutions and fixation for ligament reconstruction, cartilage repair as well as meniscal transplantation. With this unique partnership we are enhancing patient outcomes by providing mechanical and biologic solutions for arthroscopic surgery.

  • Our commitment to superior medical care continues with our focus on education and training. On March 30, 2012 we opened the expanded Center for Orthopaedic Education. Located in Largo, Florida, this new 16,000 square-foot-facility contains up to 21 training stations, a didactic auditorium and full multimedia capabilities. This world class facility will serve visitors from around the world and is focused on providing the latest information and education on arthroscopic products and techniques.

Today, CONMED continues to be a leading developer and manufacturer of orthopaedic arthroscopy/sports medicine products. We also manufacture products that serve the hand, podiatry and ENT markets, and other general surgery specialties. CONMED’s focus on arthroscopic and other less invasive medical devices is a prime example of its concern for cost-effective measures that can be passed on to patients all over the world.

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