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CONMED 50L- Insufflator
CONMED 40L- Dual Port Insufflator
CO2 Warmers
CPS™ Continuous Pressure Sensing
Tube Standardization - CO2 Output Adapters
Insufflation Tube Sets


CONMED Linvatec 50L - Insufflator Brochure
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CONMED Linvatec 50L - Insufflator Brochure

CONMED 50L Insufflator

CONMED’s 50L Insufflation System for laparoscopic surgery safely delivers body temperature gas in a user friendly, single port design that’s been ergonomically and economically engineered. Its unique, proprietary features deliver a wide range of benefits designed to provide an optimal experience for surgeons, OR staff members and their patients:

  • Delivering gas flow at a speed of 50L per minute, this system has the fastest flow rate of any single port insufflator on the market.
  • SSystem features our proprietary Continuous Pressure Sensing (CPS™) technology.
  • The intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen, helps simplify setup for OR Staff members and provides intraoperative adjustments at their fingertips.
  • Unlike other insufflators that often lose significant pressure when a tank needs to be changed, our system features a unique, dual-tank shuttle valve system allowing two tanks to be hooked up at once.
  • Patients sometimes experience discomfort following laparoscopic procedures due to the use of CO2 that is cold and dry.


50L Insufflator Console (GS2000) CO2 Warmer (GS1012)       
Dimensions: 12 in. (w) x 6 in. (h) x 12 in. (d) Gas Temperature: 95-106°F (non-adjustable)
  (305 x 153 x 305 mm) (35-40°C)
Weight: 11.5 lbs. (4.3 kg) Dimensions: 1.0 in. (d) x 3.4 in. (l)
Input Voltage Range: 90-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Weight: 2.0 oz. (56g)
Protection Class: Class I, Type B
Electrical Leakage: 100 micro amps maximum

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CONMED Linvatec 40L - Dual Port Insufflator Brochure
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CONMED 40L Dual Port Insufflator

The CONMED 40L Insufflator exhibits the state-of-the-art in insufflation and has advanced features for all types of laparoscopic surgery. The 40L Insufflator is compatible with the three CONMED insufflation tube sets to ensure tubing standardization with previous insufflators. Uses one or two warmers per console (sold separately).

  • 40 LPM maximum flow rate - Safe insufflation for any laparoscopic procedure
  • Dual gas outputs - Delivers twice the actual flow rate of single port insufflators
  • CPS™ compatible - Continuous Pressure Sensing increases average flow rate, manages leaks better and eliminates the "breathing effect". CPS™ tube sold separately
  • Gas Warmer compatible - ergonomic delivery of body temperature CO2
  • Sm@Rt™ compatible: Nurse's Assistant® Touch-Screen Control and display of insufflator functions and readings
  • On-screen video display of pressure, flow, volume and alarms
  • Dimensions: 13.3" w x 6.9" h x 14.8" d (34cm x 18cm x 38cm)
  • Weight: Approx. 24lbs (10.9kg)
  • Input Voltage Range: 90 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz


Catalog #

CONMED 40L Dual Port Insufflator GS1002
Hose and Yoke for CO2 E-Tank, 3 ft. (included with GS1000 and GS1002) GS1052
DISS Hose for “wall” CO2, 2 ft. GS1053
Power Cord, 115 VAC, 6 ft. C7104
Power Cord, 230 VAC, 10 ft. C7105

CO2 Warming System

CONMED 's second generation warming system safely delivers body-temperature gas in an ergonomic and easy to use package. Gas warming is achieved by inserting the small warmer assembly into the gas path near the distal end of a standard insufflation tube set.

  • Safe - Warmer stays cool to the touch
  • Cost Effective - Uses standard insufflation tube
  • Easy to Use - Lightweight and ergonomic

CO2 Warmer


Catalog #

CO2 Warmer, in-line, reusable GS1012
Cleaning Brushes for Warmer assembly 10/pkg GS1054

CPS™ Continuous Pressure Sensing Tube Set (Latex Free)

The CONMED CPS™ feature enhances insufflation safety and performance by increasing average flow rate, maintaining stable pressure during gas leaks and eliminating the "breathing effect" during insufflation. Compatible only with the CONMED 40L Insufflator (GS1002).

  • Increases Patient Safety - Elimination of pressure overshoot, faster response to leaks and increased ability to maintain pressure during high flow
  • Higher performance - increased average flow rate a single insufflation tube set
  • Stable Pressure - Eliminates the "breathing effect" during high outflow


Catalog #

CPS™ Tube Set, disposable, with filter (Latex Free) GS1013

CO2 Output Adapters for CONMED Insufflators

Standardize to one tube set with CONMED insufflator gas port adapters. Stainless steel adapters attach to your CONMED 35L or 40L Insufflator to allow use of tube sets made for CONMED C7000 or C7000A Insufflators. The adapters are non-rotating and include tethers for permanent attachment to the CONMED 35L or 40L insufflator chassis. Order one each of the desired adapter for the GS1000 or two each for the GS1002.


Catalog #

Adapter, CO2 Output, CPC to IEC (for C7011 tube) GS1050
Adapter, CO2 Output, CPC to Luer (for C7010 tube) GS1051

Insufflation Tube Sets (Latex Free)

Three different insufflation tube sets to meet your standardization needs.


Catalog #

Insufflation tube set, disposable, Luer to Luer, with filter C7010
Insufflation tube set, disposable, IEC to Luer, with filter C7011
Insufflation tube, disposable, CPC to Luer, with filter GS1016

(Note: all insufflation tube sets are 10 ft. in length)

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