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2DHD Monitors

Catalog Number Description
VP4726 26" 2DHD Monitor
VP4726F 26" 2DHD Monitor with Fiber Optic Input
VP4732 32" 2DHD Monitor
VP4732F 32" 2DHD Monitor with Fiber Optic Input

  • High definition LCD Monitor portfolio is customized exclusively for CONMED's 2DHD system.
  • Monitors include sealed front panel with a protective coating for improved durability.
  • Light weight configuration and modern design.
  • Compatible with universal VESA mounting interface.
  • Considered high resolution (1080p) with widescreen 16:19 aspect ratio.
  • Includes multiple display mode capabilities, including adjustable PIP (Picture-in-Picture) functionality. PIP is the simultaneous display of two video images. The primary image may originate from an endoscopic camera displaying a live image, while the secondary image may originate from a C-arm displaying an x-ray. Likewise, two cameras can be used, or one camera in conjunction with a digital documentation system.

3DHD Monitors

Catalog Number Description
8272-14 24" 3DHD Video Display Sony
8272-19 32" 3DHD Video Display Panasonic


Sony LMD-2451MT 24" Monitor:

  • ChromaTru® technology (unique to Sony products) allows for consistent color matching.
  • Multi-Picture Display: picture-outside-picture (POP), and side-by-side with full scan for flexible, multi-image viewing.
  • Includes built-in, micro-polarizer 3D filter which allows for compatibility with lightweight tinted 3D glasses.
  • 1920 x1200 WUXGA HD Resolution and 10-Bit Signal Processing.
  • 16:10 Widescreen Aspect Ratio
  • Enables toggling between 2D and 3D visualization.


Panasonic 3D Medical Grade 32" Monitor:

  • Xpol® circular polarizing technology produces a 3D image instead of the usual linear polarization solutions. This allows system to maintain stereoscopic effect even when the head is tilted left or right.
  • In-plane-switching technology, IPS-Pro, provides natural full HD images from a wide selection of viewing angles and stereoscopic effects.
  • Allows flexibility in switching from 2D to 3D visualization modes.
  • Allows for simultaneous display of 2D and 3D content in split screen mode.
  • Includes built-in 3D processor which allows for the ability to display unsynchronized 3D inputs.
  • Allows picture in picture (PIP) functionality.
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