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CONMED Fluid Management Systems provide irrigation and distension during endoscopic procedures. Fluid Management systems also provide clear visualization. High flow capabilities allow distension and visualization to be maintained during resection or high outflow situations. CONMED Fluid Management Systems are easy to setup and maintain, thus decreasing downtime between surgeries.

Features and Benefits

  • Flow Rate up to 2000ml/min
  • Pressure Set Range up to 150mmHg
  • Accurate Intra-articular Pressure Monitoring
  • Overpressure Control
  • Autoclavable Remote Control
  • Maintains Distention during Resection
  • Simplifies O.R. setup

Fluid Management Systems

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10k® Fluid Management System

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Gravity Tubing

Specimen Collector

Puddlevac® Floor Suction Device

Entry Systems

Scope Sheaths


Dry-Doc® Cannula System

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