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Y-Knot® RC All-Suture Anchor System

The Y-Knot® RC All-Suture Anchor System® for rotator cuff repair helps improve surgical flexibility and access with small and simple all-suture anchors that deliver secure fixation. Best of all, its self punching.

The Y-Knot® RC All-Suture Anchor System represents our next generation of arthroscopic soft tissue fixation. As we continue our commitment to developing new tools that enhance your ability to provide the highest level of minimally invasive care, Y-Knot® RC Anchors deliver a wide range of benefits to both surgeon and their patients.

Our Y-Knot® RC All-Suture anchors feature 360 FormFit fixation contracting vertically while expanding laterally when deployed for strong purchase in bone with a small footprint. The 2.8mm Y-Knot® RC has a double-loaded and triple-loaded option both available with #2 Hi-Fi® Sutures.


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Y-Knot® RC All Suture Anchor Overview

Ordering Information

Catalog # Description
YRC02 Y-Knot RC Double-loaded w/ two #2 Hi-Fi suture
YRC03 Y-Knot RC Triple-loaded w/ three #2 Hi-Fi sutures
Y-DBP28 Disposable Broach Punch, 2.8mm (sterile)
Y-BP28 Reusable Broach Punch, 2.8mm
Y28D Disposable Drill Bit, 2.8mm (sterile)
Y-DGRC Reusable Drill Guide
Y-OBRC Reusable Drill Guide Obturator

The Y-Knot® RC produces 58% higher pullout than the JuggerKnot 2.97 in soft cancellous bone.

1 Data on file. Porcine cortical bone testing 6 Barber FA, et al. Cyclic Loading Biomechanical Analysis of the Pullout Strengths of Rotator Cuff and Glenoid Anchors: 2013 Update. Arthroscopy 2013. (JuggerKnot 2.9 double-loaded, Iconix 3 triple-loaded). 7 Data on file. JuggerKnot 2.9 only available double-loaded. Y-Knot RC tested as double-loaded for this comparison.

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