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CONMED offers a wide variety of products specifically designed for small joint arthroscopic surgery. Our finely-crafted Shutt® forceps and other instrumentation are ideal for tight compartments and sensitive, restrictive areas. Most Shutt instruments are available in 65mm and 90mm shafts for precise control and excellent tactile response. The following products depict the vast assortment of quality instruments, anchors and accessories that CONMED offers for all of your small joint needs.

Shutt® Line of Manual Instruments

Shutt® Small Joint Forceps and Graspers
Small Joint Instrument Sets and Case For Shutt® Line of Manual Instruments
Shutt® Small Joint Probes, Curettes and Dissectors
Small Joint Arthroscopy Knives/Tubing and Cannula Set

Suturing Systems

Shutt® Small Joint Suturing System

Carpal Tunnel Release

CTS Relief Kit®

Extremity Traction Device

TractionTower® Extremity Traction Device

Anchor Systems

UltraFix® MicroMite® Small Joint Suture Anchor
Mini-Revo® Suture Anchor

Small Joint Electrodes

Small Joint Electrode, 90 degree Angled Design

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