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  Foot & Ankle Correction

Foot & Ankle Correction Allograft Wedges
Pre-Shaped Wedges from CONMED Sports Tissue and Biologics provide surgeons with convenient and reliable allografts for flatfoot deformity correction.
• Dense cancellous bone creates an excellent matrix for remodeling and bone incorporation
• Two-side cortical rim provides structural strength
• Pre-sized design eliminates the need for intraoperative shaping
• Cotton and Evans technique specific shapes

Foot & Ankle Correction Cortical Pins
ALLOFIX Cortical Pins:
• 100% human cortical bone
• Osteoconductive for host bone reincorporation
• Eliminates the risk of reaction to polymers
• Eliminates the risk of pin-tract infection
• Eliminates the need for a secondary hardware removal procedure

Demineralized Allograft Bone
Utilizing the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation’s proprietary demineralization process, CONMED offers a bone graft matrix that exhibits excellent handling properties. The grafts are conformable and can be easily cut in the operating suite to the desired size and shape. When hydrated, the grafts can be compressed to fit a bony void or enhance bone to bone apposition by filling potential gaps during fusion. The demineralization process renders the grafts radiolucent, thereby allowing for greater visualization of host bony response into the matrix on radiographic analysis. These properties make demineralized bone grafts an ideal biologic solution for small bone grafting needs.

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