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  Tissue Safety & Integrity

MTF, CONMED’s strategic partner, is a non-profit organization founded in 1987. Since inception, MTF has recovered over 80,000 donors and distributed over 4.6 million grafts for transplantation while maintaining an exemplary safety record. Because of all of the safety steps instituted by the Board of Directors, Medical Board of Trustees, and Donation Board of Trustees, MTF has become the number one tissue bank in the nation and is one of the largest providers of grafts in the world.

  1. MTF employs the latest technologies such as Nucleic Acid Testing and conducts serological tests on all donors.
  2. MTF leads the industry in donor selection criteria with standards that exceed those set by the AATB and FDA.
  3. MTF rejects more donors than we accept; and never accepts donors deferred by other banks or direct referrals from funeral homes.
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