Carpometacarpal Suspensionplasty

Carpometacarpal Suspensionplasty is performed on patients who suffer from basal joint arthritis found within the trapezium bone of the carpometacarpal joint (CMC) resulting in joint space narrowing, instability, and dislocation. Partial or full Trapeziectomies are performed to remove the diseased tissue from the joint, and the first and second metacarpal are fixated via a suspensory device to maintain proper functioning. CMC Suspension offers patients a faster recovery time and earlier patient mobility compared to alternative techniques for CMC Arthroplasty1.


MicroLink™* All-Suture Button

  • Soft, All-Suture Construct
  • Simplification in Every Step
  • Radiopaque and Radiolucent Configurations
Interested in CMC Suspensionplasty Surgical Technique?


*510(k) and CE Approval Pending. Radiolucent- Not for available in all markets.
1Yao, Jeffrey. “Suture-Button Suspensionplasty for the Treatment of Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint Arthritis”. Hand Clinics 28(4). November 2012.

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