Scapholunate Repair

Surgical Technique

The Scaphoid and Lunate bones are conjoined through an intra-articular ligament known as the Scapholunate. This ligament is responsible for coordinated movement of the lunate and scaphoid bones facilitating smooth rotation of the wrist1. For surgical treatment, small joint anchors can be used to repair or reconstruct the scapholunate joint upon tearing.


TruShot™ with Y-Knot®

  • All-in-one delivery system eliminates unnecessary steps and extra time
  • Unique anchor deployment technology allows for shallow 10mm tunnel
  • Strong fixation with less bone removal and no hard anchors left behind

1Andersson, Jonny K. “Treatment of scapholunate Ligament Injury”. EFFORT Open Rev. 2017 Sep; 2(9): 382-393. 



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